Miguel in 200 miler


Miguel chasing Neil Hodgson

Miguel Duhamel, long-time factory U.S. Honda racer and five-time Daytona 200 winner, will be at the Daytona track in March after all.

Duhamel was left out in the cold when American Honda decided not to race this season, and since Duhamel’s contract was also up the company didn’t try to place him with a satellite team (as happened with his 2008 team-mate Neil Hodgson).

However, Duhamel has apparently struck a deal with his long-time competitor, enemy, and friend Pascal Picotte to ride a Blackfoot Suzuki GSX-R600 in the 200-mile classic. There have been no official releases yet, but Duhamel is on the official AMA entry list on a Suzuki/Blackfoot/Picotte Motorsports GSX-R600.


  1. If anyone can ride a bike to victory, it is Miguel. He has proven it time and time again over his career thus far and will continue to do so!.
    Two thunbs up to Miguel!
    Rob Noakes

  2. …Really pleased to see that Miguel DuHamel will be at Daytona, in the 200, and on a CANADIAN bike, no less! Now, I know it’s a long-shot, but all he needs to do is beat the Americans, especially the Erion Hondas, and the weekend will be complete!

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