Zero makes Canadian appearance



The battery-powered Zero X motorcycle was seen in Canada for the first time on the weekend.

The bike was shown at the World of Motorcycles Expo in London, Ontario.

Canadian sales director Stephen Bieda brought one of the models up from California, where they’re built, for the show.

The response to the off-road electric motorcycle was very good, Bieda said. The company says it will bring out a supermoto street model in the spring, to be sold for $9,950 US. Their website even allows buyers to "pay in full now" for one of them. While we can’t say if the bikes would be legal in Canada at this point, the company claims they are fully street-legal in the U.S.

Of course, they would probably be yanked off the road in France.

Meanwhile, you can see Jay Leno with the Zero X at YouTube.



  1. See this bike go head to head vs a DRZ125. It was more then the 125 could handle but really only looked like a beefed up MTN bike with a battery. Consider a 250 would have shredded this bike and if you consider 3-4 grand vs 10 – 12. The bike to too high in price for the average joe.

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