French riders to protest


French riders assemble in protest

Ontario is not the only jurisdiction to consider irrational laws against motorcyclists (CMG Oct. 29, 2008).

French riders are planning a countrywide protest for Mar. 21-22 because in April a law will come into effect that allows any law enforcement officer to seize a motorcycle based on the suspicion that it does not meet conformance standards.

The nonconforming motorcycle can be towed to a garage, where a technician will inspect it. After required repairs are made, the bike will have to be inspected again, and everything, including towing, will be paid for by the motorcycle owner.

The European motorcycle accident investigation group MAIDS says fewer than one per cent of accidents are caused by motorcycles that are not properly maintained, so French riders say the law is a political whipping stone. They want it reversed, or at least rewritten so that no one without expertise in motorcycles will have the authority to make decisions before the bike is yanked out from under a rider.


  1. If you don’t take personal action against laws and proposed laws, like Bill 203 (stunting) and Bill 117 (no kids on bikes under 14, by writing your MPP or the minister of transportation you should not complain! Better still join MCC who will lead the fight against anti motorcycling legislation in Canada and internationally.
    Peter S

  2. Just reading the responses here shows the discrepancy amongst CDN motorcyclists (and I knew what you meant about standing on the pegs, not on the seat). We as a society are too complacent and take everything in the name of safety thrown at us with a smile (for the majority, read: non riding population)
    Listen, nothing is going to get done or said around here as long as it doesn’t effect the people that are happy just ramming chips into their yaps while watching other people living better lives on TV. Actually the only people I see who ever do anything about anything are the warrior society….

  3. yes I cn see why standing on your seat should be a right guarded under law by the constitution
    why should you not be allowed to remove your self from most of the operating controls and raise the center of mass to a point the bike was never intended for
    now there is a reason to jump up and protest if ever there was one

  4. I’m not disputing it, I’m all for protests. I live in Ontario and they want to take away my right to take my children ages 9 and 13 on my bike. I wrote to my MPP regarding bill 117 and I’m hoping that many more riders did as well.

  5. So what, Ontario cops can do similar crap to us, i.e. just stand up on your seat and get charged with stunting = confiscated bike and $5000! Atleast the French protested, we did nothing.

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