Electric super bike coming?


A California company, Mission Motors, has shown images of an electric sportbike that promises performance equal or better than the best gas-powered supersports motorcycles available today.

The Mission One uses a liquid-cooled AC motor and lithium-ion battery pack to supply power, with 100 lb-ft of torque available from 0 to 6,500 rpm. Transmission is a single-speed unit and top speed is a claimed 150 mph (240 km/h), and range is 150 miles per charge — which takes two hours to complete using a 220V circuit, or eight hours at 110V.

Components are top-notch: Brembo brakes, Ohlins fork and shock, Marchesini wheels. The frame is manufactured out of aluminum and the weight of the production unit is claimed to be about 40-50 lb (20 kg) heavier than a similar sports bike.

"The electric motor’s linear torque curve provides peak torque at zero rpm … the motor delivers faster acceleration than most gasoline sportbikes without ever having to shift gears," the company says in its e-mailed press pack.

Mission One models will be available in 2010, according to the company, and the first 300 units will sell for $68,995 US.

Can it be true? Yes, it can. Is it true? We’re just a little skeptical. Like you, we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. What happens if there is a POWER OUTAGE!!!!!! LOL, and you battery is not recharged!!!! LOL, I guess there is always the BUS Transit, LOL

  2. The article makes no mention of weight or acceleration. The claimed range is only possible because it has ~200 kg of batteries. Top speed probably takes minutes rather than seconds to get to. Range probably means constant speed on flat ground at 70 km/h. Electric motors are great but current battery technology is heavy, expensive, impractical and not very environmentally friendly due to short lifespan and materials.

  3. …wait, I think I know. It’s the same reason the Prius looks so damn goofy: so everyone knows you are driving something different. Sigh.

  4. Loud pipes?! I never bought into the loud pipes save lives. Sorry. If you just like the sound of loud pipes, then use a MP3 with a recording.

    The price and range are the most limiting aspects for now.

  5. How much is the sound system to simulate LOUD PIPES, and how much will it affect the range????

    And TK: Range is irrelevant to the Coffee House Hangout Crowd.

  6. The bike will not exactly be mainstream (price and range) but its a good step in the right direction. And the company has supported by Tesla (electric sportscar) so the technology is there. And 100 lbs/ft torque right the crack of the throttle is what fantasy is all about.

    Who knows – maybe in 3-5 years we may be silently sailing along! 8)

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