Supershow gets a partner


A half-interest sale of Bar Hodgson’s North American International Motorcycle Supershow will result in better productions, according to a Supershow press release.

Hodgson has sold 50 per cent of his corporate shares in the Supershow to Richard Kehoe Productions.

"The addition of RKP’s staff will provide some very exciting opportunities for future Supershows," Hodgson said in a press release. "With expanded sales and production staff we will be able to provide increased attention to the needs of the Supershow’s exhibitors while delivering additional show content for the show attendees."


  1. I hope it helps . The January show was the worst I’ve been to. The advetising and show lineup is going to have to wow me to get me to go back. And if the admission is rased at all i won’t go for any reason.

  2. Just what does that mean ?
    Who is Kehoe ?
    It would be nice to have some interpretation for us laypeople.

    Sounds like $25 admission next year (if we are lucky)

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