2 New Hondas?


Transalp for Canada?

At the recent Edmonton show, staff at the Honda Canada booth revealed that the company currently has three Transalps in the country for testing and consumer opinion.

However, a Honda Canada spokesperson replied to our requests for more information by saying "we are not bringing this model to Canada now or any time in the near future". Bugger.

They did however add that they’d be interested to hear from the CMG readership as to what their thoughts are on the Transalp and potential pricing, so please feel free to add you comments in the comments section below.


New SH125 coming too?

Also present at the Edmonton show was a new SH125i scooter. Much like the Transalp, the SH125 is "on display for the purpose of gathering public opinion information.  We cannot confirm that this model is being brought to Canada at this time either". Hmhh, sounds like a yes to us.

FYI, the SH uses a liquid-cooled four stroke motor, pushing out a claimed 10 kW at 9,000 rpm. The chassis comes with a disc front brake (which is linked to the rear) and larger-for-a-scooter 16 inch wheels.

Total claimed weight is 123kg.




  1. I thought things were headed the right way with the introduction of the Varadero and the CBF1000 in 2008 but the focus of 2010 was very heavy on the custom market.

    We need to see more mid-sized standards. The CBF600 and VFR 800 Interceptor look nice, but here’s what I suggest: Round out the Adventure class with both the CBF600SA and the VL700V Transalp, and replace the useless DN01 with the NT700V Deauville. Add the DN01’s automatic option to the Deauville and you have the best of both worlds.

  2. Honda is missing a lot of sales for years now…
    after a few goldwings i wish there was just an Trans alp for sale like the good olle xv600..
    Honda ,HURRY UP ALREADY and stop cooking with cheese

  3. I think you are dreaming if you think the Veradero weighs in at 390. My fully fueled 640 Adventure weighed in at 390 (with 28 litres onboard). When I sat on a Veradero a couple weeks ago it felt like 390 kilos. I’ve say 472lbs claimed for a Transalp is still conservative. (as all japanese claimed weights are)

  4. I’d buy one and import it to the USA IMMEDIATELY! BTW, it is about 390lbs not the ridiculous number posted earlier. Still big, but not compared to other Adventure bikes.

  5. I have had Hondas since 1971, 3 years ago I wanted another Honda to my suprise no Honda adventure bike, I bought an F650GS. Its a nice bike but not the honda i wanted. Get with the program Honda… Powerhouse OUT my local dealer is my only dealer.
    Transalp IN Now

  6. What about the new VTR250 Europe and Japan have ? My wife currently has a CBR125, doesn’t want ( and is not ready) to ride a CBR600. She loves the Honda and wants another … And I bet she’s not the only new rider who feels the same way ..

  7. 8) As a Honda Bike Salesperson I have heard nothing but “Do you have the Transalp yet?” So bring it already…it will sell!

  8. Transalp is very nice ergonomically and the little 680 should be a screamer. Weight is relative – heavy frames are less likely to break in service – actually don’t mind the Varadero when off the showroom floor – it rides out like a dream

  9. I’ll stick with my KLR and Multi. There are better more current bikes out there and that includes the KLR. Honda is seriously lost when it comes to the dual sport/adventure class of motorcycles.

  10. Transalp would be a fantastic mount….Needs more of a fuel tank and I hope lots of options eg windscreen, seat etc etc. Don;t try to beat the big BMW GS with the Veradaro. If I wanted a mamoth unit I would already own one. Lots of us would love a V twin adventure bike with 500 to 750 cc with some fuel range!! Those Aprillia 550 and 750 V twin are awesome. Wrap a dual sport around those types of mills with 18-20+ litre tanks and you have some big winners. Hmmm sounds like a Africa Twin??? or I guess a Vstrom will work………

  11. “Yes please” to the Transalp! It amazes me that this bike has been available for so long elsewhere and not brought over (except those two years in the 80s). I hope they are more scientific in their market surveying than looking at online comments though.

  12. Instead of offering the 2010 fury, another boring chopper where the market is saturated – Honda should listen to consumer demand and offer the Transalp to Canada. The Enduro segment is the fastest growing category. With Honda’s great history on being good quality and a reliable product, it should be a no brainer to offer the Transalp. Honda should take example from BMW with their F650gs, F800gs and the great 1200gs, most popular bike in the world. Offer what the customer wants and don’t try to be what you’re not – simple enough!

  13. Africa Twin ALREADY!!!!
    Honda, get serious abourt the market!!
    Look at the success BMW’s had!!
    I don’t want a BMW, I want a HONDA ADVENTURE BIKE!!!

  14. I agree with bcboy. This bike might be a little big for me but somthing smaller in this style from honda would be great, and I’m not talking about the CRF230L, that’s joke! But even if they came out with a 400 or 450 version, if it was only available at a POWERHOUSE dealer I would not buy. I find those dealers not very personable. It’s like buying a car from one of those dealers and that’s not what I’m looking for when I buy a bike. Get with it HONDA!

  15. This Transalp loses out to a WeeStrom (which I own) on the spec sheet (heavier, smaller tank & less power). So on that count Honda, don’t bother. Rather than me-too, how about cutting a new trail with something innovative? Make a 450cc Transalp based on the CRF450X. Give it EFI and enough tank to go 400km, and keep it under 350lbs wet. In fact, make two versions, the other with a full lower fairing for the street a la VFR800. New CB450? There’s waaay to big a gap between the CBR125 and CBR600. Oh and shame on you for POWERHOUSE! Eiher open it up to all Honda car dealers or lose the concept.

  16. WOW 30 comments already. If Honda is watching this space they can see people are really interested in these models. They should bring them to Canada and let all Honda dealers sell them.


  17. Honda,

    I’d love to see you guys bring over a 125cc scooter to compete with scooters like Yamaha’s new BWS 125. However, the SH125 isn’t the scooter to do it. I’m sure the SH125 is a great scooter but the styling makes it look like just another chinese cookie cutter scooter. No one would opt for this over Yamaha’s BWS 125. Give a larger Ruckus another attempt and this time keep the styling true to the 50cc version. You guys haven’t sold a 125cc-150cc scooter in Canada since the Elite 150 in the mid-80’s. Design something awesome and then introduce it here.


  18. I bought a big bandit this year cause the price was right, and the little one wasn’t big enough…

    The yamie brand was a little too expensive in the bigger than 650 size, and like others wish to avoid a dealership where they have to get the tech from the back in order to discuss the machine, but then have to go back to the numpty that doesn’t know the difference between a gold wing and a fire blade, in order to talk numbers.

    750 has always been my favorite size, but when all that’s availible is race replica’s I look else where…

    Sorry Honda, Day late, and a bike short.
    Thanks anyway

  19. I think that the Transalp would be a great addition to Honda’s line up of bikes for the Canadian market. It would help fill a gap in the current line up and would compete very well against the available competition namely the Suzuki DL 650Vstrom, and Kawasaki Versys. It is a well proven product from the European market and if they bring it to Canada and offer it as a base bike that can be optioned out with ABS, baggage etc. it would be a very good seller. With the current economic conditions people will be looking for standard bikes that can do a lot.

  20. Transalp would sell here, just needs a bigger tank. Better yet the Africa Twin 750 – that I would buy as is – no problem. Verdero is too big,heavy and $$$$

  21. Honda is slooooow. Where are their competing products for the 250 and 650 Ninjas? Kawi is dragging its feet not providing FI for the 250 or optional ABS for either bike. The new 250 is hard to put luggage on, and lacks the previous model’s centerstand. That’s a clear invitation for another company to step in and do better.

  22. I would love to have a bike like this, even the Veradaro, but I refuse to buy into honda’s monopoly with POWERHOUSE DEALERS. I like my local dealer and buy all my bikes from them. I refuse to deal with products only available through a POWERHOUSE DEALER. This is not only unfair to dealers but myself as a customer/consumer!!! I have no doubt that Honda will only let POWERHOUSE dealers sell this bike, so therefore even if available in Canada I will NOT be purchasing one!! I will go with a cheaper more accessable product…

  23. It’s certainly intriguing, but I’m concerned about all the plastic and lardiness. I’d like a replacement for my 2000 KLR that’s a bit more refined and up-to-date, has spoked wheels, a large tank, lower center of mass, and can take knobbies–but isn’t a BMW or the new KLR. And can take fire roads and gravel all day long. And is under $10k. While I’m at it I’d like a pony, too…

    Yes Honda, please get with the new millennium and bring us a real dual-sport for the Canadian back-roads.

  24. How much public opinion do they need beyond the sales of V-Stroms? I have to think that the Honda faithful would buy them if they haven’t already bought a V-Strom while they were waiting for Honda to get their thumb out.

  25. I’d rather they add electric start to the liquid cooled XR650 offered in Australia etc. and bring it here.
    Big dual sport styled bikes are perfect for Canada. Our lousey (and getting worse) roads are more enjoyable with long suspension. Give it top quality & fully adjustable suspension components, heated grips, an accessory plug, available side & top cases and a tank bag and it would sell I think.

  26. With 7 Hondas in the garage I was forced to buy a 2009 V-Strom 650 because the TransAlp is not sold here. Honda, you are way behind in the dual-sport, adventure touring market in Canada. The price for the 2009 Suzuki DL650SEAK9 is $9999CDN and this include the 3 hard bags and ABS. That should be the price target. The TransAlp has insufficient fuel capacity 17L vs 22L for the V-Strom. It also is down about 20HP from the Suzuki. Fix both problems and get it here please.

  27. Build (bring?) it and they will come! I’d replace my bandit with this machine. I’ve been wanting to explore some of those back roads this bike seem to have made for!

  28. This bike would outsell the BMW 800GS if Honda had the balls and brains to start selling it in Canada.
    Come on Honda, we don’t need another faux chopper/bar hopper. We want bikes we can RIDE.

  29. Having a European back ground, I returned to motorcycling after 10 years. In 2007-2008 I owned a new CBR125R and I was very happy with the product quality and with the Honda dealer experience. Honda, bring the Transalp here, keep the price similar to UK and you already have another customer for it. I’ll never buy a chopper, though!

  30. It’s an awesome looking bike. Like everyone says, keep it priced right and I think they have a winner. It might even out sell that chopper thing (what was Honda thinking). Give us the ABS and hard luggage option as well. Then I’ll be in line for one too.

  31. I’ve had my cheque ready for the Trans Alp for the past two years! A perfect bike to compete against the popular V-Strom and Versys. This is the type of all round dual sport, commuter bike many have been asking for…Honda..please!!

  32. How much does that Transalp weigh?! It looks like a tank or is that just the plastic? If its over 400lbs wet, too heavy for trail use down East.

    Honda 125 scooter? Maybe the 300 like someone else said. Otherwise, it will get drowned in all the other lesser known brands.

  33. If the transalp was priced the same as the v-strom, or knowing Honda, within 1000$, I would probably buy it as my next motorbike.

    Otherwise, it’s a Triumph or Nighthawk 🙂

  34. Keep the price in line with the Kawi Versys and Suzuki V-strom and it could be a contender, looks better than both. Strip the plastic off and it could be cheap filler to the line for naked midsized like the SVF650, Shiver, 696 monster, etc.

    Scooter? your on your own there.

  35. Isn’t this what people are asking for? Dual-sport and Adventure-type bike sales are on the rise, not &^%*ing choppers.

    Honda, do the right thing.

  36. The Transalp is close to what I’m looking for as a dualsport. A price line similar to the UK list price would put it in the $8300 range (before taxes here) would be reasonable and not be priced out of the market segment like the Veradero. Forget the ABS model to help the pricing.

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