Yamaha will take a breather


Yamah: Beware the Rides of March

Yamaha Japan has reacted to the global economic slowdown by announcing that it will stop making motorcycles. But only for 10 days.

After that, they’ll start making motorcycles again.

Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. announced that it will halt production for a week to 10 days in February and March at 11 factories around the world making motorcycles, recreational vehicles, marine sports vehicles, industrial robots, and parts, in order to reduce production.


  1. Bravo! The major economic critique of any any LEISURE product manufacturer is to produce more than you can actually sell at a profit. From a moral stand point as long as production is not used as a tool to artificially raise selling price then the market should find a balance. Remember all we truely need is water air and food and human contact.

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