Honda's Fury leaked


Honda’s new Fury

Images of the Honda Fury chopper have been leaked out, and while the official unveiling will be tomorrow, you don’t have to wait.

The Fury is a long, somewhat traditionally-styled chopper with a large single front disc brake, a raked front end and a flowing rigid-frame-style seat (though there is a rear shock hidden back there).

It’s powered by a 1,312 cc fuel-injected, liquid-cooled V-twin, with the radiator slotted between the two front frame rails. Wheelbase is a lengthy 1,808.5 mm, tires are 90/90-21 up front and a fashionably wide 200 mm section rear.

Altogether, Honda’s version of a chopper looks rideable and tidy, with parts appearing to fit well together aesthetically and functionally. A custom market is sure to spring up quickly, with shorter, de-raked front ends, 17-inch wheels, underseat exhausts, clip-ons, Ohlins rear suspension — you know, the usual route for a bike of this ilk …

More info tomorrow when the full specs are released.


  1. I’ll never buy a chopper, so my opinion may not matter. But, here it is anyway :grin The frame tubes at the steering head seem cobbled together like a home built frame. No effort seems to have been put into sytling that area. Why not a scalloped gusset to cover the area? An extra $5 in material would have cured it. Useless piece of iron.

    Come on Honda, bring back a CB400/450/500 for the modern age. They need to fill that gaping hole in the lineup between the CBR125 and the 600. Why do they leave that market to Suzuki and Kawasaki? Is it really that small?

  2. Once you mentioned the aftermarket, I realized that this could be a great trackbike right out of the box, just needs some plastic for aerodynamics – Armour Bodies are you listening?

  3. they build this thing and won’t update the VFR that everyone has been screaming for.
    bed red turning into one of the most boring if not the boring motorcycle company of the era

  4. I’m guessing that whole last paragraph was some sort of sarcasm. Functional? Aesthetic? Shorter forks? Ohlins suspension?

    I think it looks like an abortion, just live every other raked-out chopper out there. Actually, it looks worse than many of them, but will probably work better (admittedly a pretty weak endorsement given the ridability and utility of the average custom chopper).

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