Dakar 3 – Dust a problem


Day 3 route a pleasant romp

The third day of the 2009 Dakar Rally saw competitors travelling more than 600 km over fast, dry, rocky terrain.

Dust was a problem for most and tire troubles struck many riders (and car drivers), although probably not for Spain’s Marc Coma (KTM), who took the stage win to keep the overall motorcycle class lead over French rider David Fretigne (Yamaha), with Norweigian Pal Anders Ullevalseter (KTM) in third.

"The bikes are suffering a lot and the tyres are suffering even more," said Coma. "For now we are staying out of trouble. Each one has his own strategy and we are doing fine with ours."


Severe terrain ahead … and behind

British Columbia resident Don Hatton has moved up to 139th out of 180 entries, a good jump up from his position 176 after the second stage.

Stage 4, set for Tuesday, Jan. 6, extends 488 km from Jacobacci to Neuquen and climbs farther into the high Patagonian desert.

Dust, rocks and severe terrain — notably desert flood carve-outs, called washes in the U.S., wadis in Africa, and rios in Argentina — aren’t going to ease up the load on the riders.





  1. If you count OLN’s show “coverage”. You get 15 minutes of cars, 10 minutes of bikes, 5 minutes of trucks, minus 40% for commercials, and the remaining 60% is just an overly dramatic teaser – you’re better off not watching it at all. Just go watch “Race to Dakar” again. :grin

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