Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all our beloved CMG readership (and even to those who can’t read)!

CMG will be getting drunk, sleeping off the hangover and returning to our usual state on Monday 5th January. Okay, that is our usual state, but as of Monday, we’ll actually do some work as well. 🙂

CMG Staff


  1. How many Canadians know the meaning of the word “bollocks”? I would expect every regular reader of CMG :zzz

    A Happy New Year to Rob and all the crew. May your hangovers be little ones. Hoping to see the Anusol Awards some time very soon. We’ve quite the bumper crop of inductees for this year.

  2. There might be one or two of us Canadians who have ventured forth from under deep snow drifts and claustrophobic hibernation, to be exposed (contaminated?) whoever briefly, to English mannerisms as such … not in Canada you say … pity. :zzz

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