Rene & 'arris out west


Rene will be at all the western shows to promote his global trip and sell some 2009 calendars.

CMG contributor and global traveller, Rene Cormier will be attending the upcoming western shows (assisted by Editor ‘arris) where he’ll be answering questions about his trip and selling his 2009 calendars documenting his adventure.

Editor ‘arris will also be there for the Edmonton and Vancouver Shows (although sadly not Calgary), to lend a hand to Rene and promote the series on CMG to those that are not familiar with it.

There will likely be pub nights in both fine cities to commemorate the occasion (still to be arranged) and the option to buy a limited edition* CMG long sleeved t-shirt.

For more info on the shows go to Calgary, Edmonton and/or Vancouver show websites.

‘Arris will be found mostly at Rene’s booth in Edmonton for the Saturday and Sunday and Vancouver for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pub night details TBA but any suggestions for locations are always welcomed in the Soapbox.

*limited to 50 as that’s all we could afford …

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