Passenger bill petitions at Supershow



Petitions against Bill 117, which would ban motorcycle passengers under 14 years old in Ontario, will be available for signing throughout the Motorcycle Supershow in January.

The bill passed second reading on Dec. 4 and could become law soon. Petitions against it will be located at booths in Hall 2 and at the Bonneville Streamliner display in Hall 4A. On the Saturday and Sunday of the show, Ken Venus, host of, will run signing events in the Hall 5 restaurant.

The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada and several club booths will also have postcards available for individuals to mail in protest against the bill. For information about the issue, see the people at the MCC booth in Hall 4A by the Century of Motorcycles display.

The North American International Motorcycle Supershow runs Jan. 2 – 4 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Parking is free. See for more.


  1. I signed at the MMIC booth at the last show and a week later recieved said card in the mail with a note saying innadequite postage. Hopefully the MMIC can get their preverbial crap together at this show to stop this bill from passing.

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