Ducati out of Thunder


"So I keep, si?"

Ducati have officially announced that they will not be partaking in any racing in Canada for 2009 – as in the Canadian Thunder series. This after dominating the series in 2008, winning both the number 1 and 2 championship spots on the 848 Superbike.

That leaves just BMW and Buell (after KTM pulled out earlier this month). Whether the two will try and continue on with the series or let it die remains to be seen.

Ducati added that since it will no longer have to spend resources on the racing side of things they’ll be opening three new ‘destination dealerships’ – one in Toronto, one in Montreal and one in Laval.


  1. They may have just done the same math Honda did a few years ago when they pulled out of MX and roadracing. Racing in Canada just doesn’t sell enough bikes to justify the cost.

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