Three-wheeler 'superbike' kit


G2 sport (left) and basic (right)

The Quebec-based scooter importer of the PGO line, Canadian Scooters
Import is selling a kit that mates the engine from a buyer’s motorcycle
with a three-wheeler body and chassis.

The kit is made by Miami-based manufacturer G2, which the company calls a "powerful racing car and three-wheeler superbike," and is made with custom parts designed and built to work with the donor motor, which the company says should be at least 1,000 cc in size.

It’s a kit, so licensing and registration is the same as for any kit vehicle.

The basic kit sells for $19,995.00 Cdn and includes such necessities as a tubular steel frame, a composite body, front wheels and tires in 205/40/17 and rear wheel and tire in 295/35/18 size, a seatbelt, brakes, suspension, and fuel tank.

There’s also an available sports package that adds seat fabric, a front spoiler, engine covers, rear spoiler, fog lights and more, adding another $4,100.00 to the price.

Of course, you’ll need a motorcycle engine and a mechanic (or some decent mechanical knowledge) to complete the vehicle – or you can have them do it with either Hayabusa or GSX-R engines for several thousand dollars more.

MSRP on the full kit is $25,995.00 and on fully assembled and ready-to-ride kit, $35,995.00, and can be ordered through your local PGO dealership.

See their website for additional details.

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