U.S. survey says … !


More women, older men

A partially-completed U.S. study suggests that more women and older men are taking up motorcycling.

A census of motorcycling by the Motorcycle Industry Council, conducted every five years, is suggesting that women make up 12.4 per cent of motorcyclists, which is almost three per cent more than in the last census. The survey is not quite complete.

The average age of riders has been rising in the U.S. and now is 42 years. In 2003, it was 41, and 10 years ago it was only 38 years.

The average age of motorcycles has declined, however, as buyers appear to increasingly prefer newer bikes. The average age for a motorcycle now is 10.8 years, according to the survey’s partial results.

Pleasure is still the main reason for riding, but commuting and running errands has climbed to second place from third place five years ago.

It seems likely that the trend would be repeated in Canada.


  1. I wonder if scooters were included in that study. There would be a lot of young ones on two wheels.
    oh, and have you seen the insurance rates for young males? could that have any effect on their choices?

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