Ontario Bill 117 Vote Results

scooterkids.jpgNo more family rides?

A bill that would prohibit carrying passengers younger than 14 on
motorcycles in Ontario went to
a second reading and debate in the Ontario legislature today.

Bill 117,
a Private Member’s Bill by MPP Helena Jaczek (Oak Ridges-Markham), has unfortunately passed its second reading and will now be referred on to the Justice Policy Committee.

What this means we’re not a 100% sure (or even 10% for that matter), but will find out the options available ASAP and pass them on.



  1. Just a thought…
    Since the outrage of a myspace site opposing the under 19 driver restriction was instrumental in haulting that legislation.
    Perhaps a simular would help the cause?
    And of course the eyes of the media would help!

  2. That’s what happens when you put parliamentary power in the hands of knuckleheads. As was previously mentioned, they believe they have to be seen doing SOMETHING– good or bad– in order to be re-elected. To wit: dealing with the economy should be the focus of all efforts of the present government, but as they are feckless idiots, they haven’t a clue WHAT to do, so they pass garbage legislation like this in the misguided belief that people need to be “protected from themselves.” Total crap! 🙁

  3. Let all your friend who ride ATV’s and snowmobiles and have kids in sports about the bill. If they can pass a bill lke this against motorcyclists then they can pass one agianst other sports also. There are more kids hurt playing soccer each year than there are on motorcycles.

  4. if you can “find” 250 supporters of your new party you can register and start collecting your $2/vote. oh…but that’s federal (i’m sure the provincial gov’t has some sort of compensation package as well).


  5. How about we start a new bloc party, to be named Bloc Pissed 🙂 The mandate to separate the GTA from the rest of CA and annex it to Cuba.

  6. The Toronto motorcycle show is coming up. Perhaps someone with a booth could setup a petition and take it to the committee. [ online petitions aren’t worth the paper they (aren’t) written on ]

  7. Ask to be scheduled to appear before the committee. get a petition together and present to the committee members. ask your local member to show you the proper format for a petition and ask that they present it in the house. ask the member to sign it as well. see http://www.ontla.ola.org. find out who the committee members are in and call/email/appts from their own constituents to pressure them to defeat/change the bill. Speak to the clerk and they will tell you what u can do.

  8. I attended the proceedings at Queen’s Park on Dec.4th and was disappointed to see Bill 117 pass it’s 2nd reading and get referred to the Justice Committee. I will present as much opposing material to the Committee as I can so feel free to forward me any opposing letters that you can at info@thelonelyrider.com

  9. What it means is … don’t bother us with trifles… we’re far too busy trying to get attention from Ottawa and the brainless there so we’re going to pass legislation that most of the population doesn’t give a crap about because it’s easy and we can say we’re doing something. I am about as angry as I can be … talk about fiddling whilst Rome burns! (I would have ranted more but I ran out of letters)… p’raps I should start another rant… but wait… there’s the Soapybox!

  10. One questions how much time was spent arguing the bill considering the chaos surrounding Parliament Hill these days. Whether we want to veto a bill, or whether we vote in a government, its clear that politicians have there own agendas!

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