Flippy helmets tested


The 3-star pinnacle of helmets

Convertible helmets, also called "flip-front" helmets, are sometimes viewed as less crash-worthy than ordinary full face models, but some have achieved high rankings in a safety test.

Twenty flip-up helmets were tested in Britain by the Department of Transport’s Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme and results were issued recently.

The BMW System 5 helmet and the Caberg Trip both scored five stars, the maximum.

The AGV Longway, Caberg Justissimo GT, Grex RF2, Lazer Granville and Revolution, Nolan N103 and N102, ROOF Boxer, Schuberth C2, Shark Evoline, and Viper RS RS11 scored four stars.

In descending order, the rest were: G-MAC Concept (3), Shark Openline (3), Shoei Multitec (3), Viper RS V121 (3), Airoh Matisse RS (2), KBC FFR (1), and Duchinni D601 (1).

The SHARP testing regimen employs a wide range of tests to provide riders with information on what they can expect in a crash. Tests include linear impact tests, with helmets dropped from a height onto an anvil, and oblique impact tests, with the helmet dropped against an incline. Results from 22 impacts are combined to form a rating.

The SHARP website lists a wide range of helmets and ratings. Some of these helmets are available in Canada, so it’s recommended reading for anyone in the market for a new lid.


  1. This seems to be an ongoing problem. I keep hearing of all of these different helmets, but there is very little available here in the way of information on which is safer. Why do we always have to rely on foreign reviews, testing and opinions for a product?

    And if you do want something that you’ve seen, you often find you have to go to the U.S. to get the helmet, because it simply is not available here. That is what I had to do with the Nolan that I use.

    Bloody shame.


  2. Not sure about now, but it used to be that you had to order the BMW from Europe and it was very expensive. Not familar with the Calberg.

    Guess I’ll stick with the Nolan, it’s my 3rd.

    Light , comfortable, and reasonably priced

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