Air bag, GPS bag, and rubber bag

GPS purse


Givi has released a GPS holder that should fit most motorcycles and GPS units.

The S850 universal GPS carrier is in the form of a large bag that can be attached to the handlebars and removed in seconds, so the owner, or a thief, doesn’t have to fiddle around too long.

The bag is somewhat general purpose but does protect the GPS unit from dust and rain and comes with pockets for all you whatnots. You might be able to find out more on the Givi website .

Neck roll

A Spanish company, APC, has developed an airbag for motorcycle helmets.

The APC airbag goes into a standard full face helmet and is fitted to a small control box that senses crash forces and reacts to begin inflating the bag around the rider’s neck and slightly down the back in about 1/8 of a second. It takes about 1.5 seconds for full inflation to occur.

The company’s website shows some crash video.

The system is said to be able to differentiate between a curbside bump and a real accident, so unnecessary inflations don’t occur.

Avon calling!


The British tire maker Avon has come up with a multi-compound tire for sport bikes, the VP2, which will replace the Viper model in 2009.

The new tire will come in three versions, a Sport and a Supersport with soft compound rubber at the tire edges and harder rubber in the centre portion. Under the rubber, steel bands in a tightly-woven pattern in the centre, with a looser weave on the edges for flexibility.

An Xtreme VP2 uses stickier rubber and less tread, for racing.

Prices and availability of these products in Canada are unknown at this time.


  1. Those airbag test videos are both interesting and sickening. Makes being rear-ended seem like one of the better ways to be hit!

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