Honda to build chopper?


Honda hints at chopper

Honda appears ready to do something that may disappoint some fans of the marque, and bring in some converts as well.

The company has hinted that it will develop a chopper for the 2010 market.

A video was shown to dealers indicating that Honda’s chopper, called the "Fury," would employ a raked front end, a low seat, a long, slim fuel tank, 21-inch front wheel, and 200 mm rear tire.

The Fury would apparently be powered by a fuel-injected VTX 1300 cc motor, but details about the powerplant are very sketchy.

We’ll look for more info on that, as we’re sure CMG readers will want the full scoop.


  1. I just don’t understand the point It’s like converting Ellen De Generis in heterosexual. Or trying to make a splash with your stepmother wearing a J string.

  2. I read in Cycle World that the chopper craze is fading (much to David Edwards chagrin I’m sure) and that several builders/ suppliers are closing their doors.
    As such it seems a curious time to introduce something that is essentially internal combistion based costume jewelry.

  3. Some would say that Honda needs a touring bike to compete against the BMW R1200RT, apparently the ST1300 just doesn’t stack up. :p

  4. Im pretty sure that everything in Hondas line up is practical and doesn’t weigh a 1000 pounds. If anything I think they need MORE edgy bikes.

  5. I just don’t understand. How about bringing in something practical that you can tour on, that has minimal maintenance (i.e. no chain) and doesn’t weigh a thousand pounds?

    Honda doesn’t need another cruiser in its line up.

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