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Better seats needed

Ride a motorcycle, lose your wood, says a Japanese medical study.

Doctors in Japan surveyed more than 200 men who typically rode motorcycle for several hours at a stretch and found that more than two-thirds of them had problems achieving erections or emptying their bladders.

The medics said ordinary motorcycle seats put pressure on the area behind the scrotum, restricting blood flow to the penis. Vibration from the motorcycle engines also affected hormones that affect bladder function, so these men had trouble urinating, as well.

In the study, three-quarters of the men in their forties, and almost all of the men in their fifties, reported serious erectile problems. The same problems were reported about half as often among men who did not ride motorcycles.


  1. Considering all the positions there are I wonder if that was analyzed as well.

    Riding positions I mean…

    Motorcycle riding positions…

  2. This result is no different than the one a few years ago concerning bicycle seats. I guess we men should become enduro riders and stand when we ride.

  3. … and here I thought it was just old age.
    On an unrelated topic, I just found out that Harley Davidson own majority shares in Viagra.javascript:mxc_smilie(‘8)’)

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