Cycle City goes down


32 years down the drain

Cycle City in Burlington, Ontario, has declared bankruptcy.

The store has been a Yamaha and Suzuki dealership, as well as selling Velorex sidecars and other products like Eton and Yamoto ATVs.

They’ve been around for 32 years but current owners Ira and Matt Ross bought the dealership in December 2005, according to their website.

The website states clearly that the shop has failed, but does not explain why, and CMG’s phonecalls to the store have not been answered.


  1. I always thought is was very stupid of them to have a guy in a wheelchair selling motorcycles. Its like a blind guy selling safty glasses for snap on. LOL

  2. It was only a matter of time. That shop was never the same after Jim sold, it went down hill. A few friends were turned off because of sales staff (not talking about todd or the lady) i still went there for parts and service, which were fine, but you could see that place was slowly going down, no bikes in the showroom and shrinking accessories deptartment.

  3. Really sucks this does i feel bad for Todd hes a good buddy of mine for 30 years and i had no problems with them Matt was a goodguy as well got my m50 off them :cry

  4. there is going to be a liquidation/ bankruptcy sale Friday Dec 19th and Sat Dec 20th from 10am till 4pm. everything must go parts, accessories, two bikes, desks, computers, everything to the bare walls! this is a two day only sale and cash or certified check are the only types of payment. our lost is your gain

  5. There was always something fishy about that shop. Ever since they brought that one RUDE sales guy in. There is one reason the shop went down. I wanted to buy a bike and he told me to go buy a harley, thats supporting your buisness!!!

  6. Was in there two weeks ago and was surprised at how little stock they had on the floor. A discussion six months ago with one of the salesman elicited the comment that people were being very cautious buyers, with job fears top of mind rather than US pricing. I bought my last two bikes there and was always treated well. Another victim of the economy.

  7. Another one down. Not many left in the Golden Horseshoe now. How is it that the GTA, with 4-5 million people can’t support a larger dealer network than what we have? Is that just what happens when people buy bikes in the US and parts off the internet?

    I guess it’s just a brave new world in vehicle retail sales. Choose your bike at the show, order it online, and pick it up at one of a few central dealers. Get your parts and accessories by mailorder?

    If you have a good dealer, enjoy it while you can.

  8. “…states that they are out of business but doesn’t explain why.”

    What, you want a forensic accounting of their difficulties?

    Here’s why….more money going out than coming in.

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