Yamaha V16 just for show


No ordinary FZ motor

Take four Yamaha 1,000 motors, bolt them together, and what do you get? A Callaway Cyclone V16 producing 550 hp and weighing 152 kg, that’s what.

The Callaway Yamaha motor is an 80-valve special built by Reeves
Callaway, who made a reputation tuning Chevrolet Corvettes for high
performance and also helped Yamaha develop their five-valve cylinder head.

So it was a natural for him to see how many 1,000 cc Yamaha 20-valve top ends he could mate to a pair of crankshafts (answer = four, obviously).

The company’s website claims the motor is a prototype for a "future Callaway project," but we think they’re not telling the whole story. Can you spell "80-valve scoooter"? Of course not. Neither can we, but we’re looking forward to see what it eventually ends up in (hopefully not a skip).

You can hear all 80 valves running at the Callway website.


  1. Indeed… Yamaha was also involved in the engine development of the Toyota 2000GT.


    That motor also looks a bit more sophisticated than the BRM H-16 (I suppose 40 years of advancements will do that :p )

  2. Yamaha has a lot of experience in building automobile engines. If I’m not mistaken, it was Yamaha, while under contract to Ford, who built the engines for their ill-fated Taurus SHO back in the ’80’s.

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