Ducati truck

sm_ducatitundra2.jpg Toyota and Ducati have teamed up to produce a concept pickup truck for transporting the Desmosedici RR superbike.

The 2009 Tundra Ducati Desmosedici transporter is built on a Toyota Tundra CrewMax pickup, with the frame stretched to fit a 198.2 cm (6.5 ft) bed with some storage room for umbrella girls and other track necessities.

There are flip-up bed sides, a Rampage powered loading ramp, and something called "Italian flair." And of course it’s red.

"Toyota approached us for this project," said Michael Lock, Ducati North America boss. "It is a partnership that gives Ducati some visibility to an enthusiast crowd that we otherwise don’t normally reach."

The Ducatundra will likely start to appear in big numbers at the next Sturgis rally, but it won’t be carryin’ no Desmosedicis, yo.

And if it doesn’t turn up there, Sturgis-goers can take comfort in the Stinger Trailer Canada addition of Pod-ium trailers to their line-up. Pod-ium makes a range of trailers for carrying motorcycles, even Ducatis, to Sturgis and other places. See www.pod-ium.com for more on that.


  1. I hope you get the truck for free with purchase of the bike.

    Even if I did have one I don’t think I’d be showing up at a harley rally with an Itallian bike loaded on a Japanese pick up in this economic climate. YIKES!

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