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Not the trashy "E" model

A 1951 Honda Dream is for sale on eBay Motors, but if you want to bid, you’ll have to pawn your Vincent collection.

Current bidding is at $29,850, as of Tuesday morning, and even with that, the reserve price has not been met — meaning you’ll likely have to go a good bit higher to be considered for ownership.

Ownership has its privileges, they say, but also its risks: according to the eBay page, the warranty has expired on this bike.

On to the specifics: It’s a ’51 D Model Dream, described as "extremely rare" and with a mileage of only 188 km. Original tires are still in place.

From the eBay description:

"Per Honda’s information this is the oldest Honda in the US. The 1951 Honda D Model Dream is extremely rare, most 1951’s are E Model Dreams. This 1951 is identical looking to the 1949 and 1950 models. 1949 was Honda’s first production motorcycle.  Before that he was putting war surplus motors on bicycles.

"This Dream was brought to the US by a serviceman returning from Japan in 1952. Honda did not start importing bikes into the US till 1959."


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