Ducati Tick Tock


Just in time for Christmas … the One (left) and Desmo

Ducati has fired a volley on the side of watches in the great watch vs cell phone consumer debate … but it might be too late.

Recognizing, perhaps, that more people are tossing their watches in favour of cell phones that can actually tell time (what will they think of next?), Ducati has joined wrists with Binda of Switzerland to produce a couple of branded timepieces.

The Ducati One has tire tread marks on its band and little spheres on the watch face that are said to remind one of the trellis frame, though we don’t see it.

The desmodromic drive of the Desmo watch actually yanks on the hands of the watch from both directions, ensuring extremely accurate movement. Gone are the days of bulky watch pushrods and broken return springs. Uh … well, actually, the Desmo employs a Swiss-made movement, and apparently it’s the name that resembles the Ducati’s unique valve-actuation process, not the watch movement. Oh, and there’s a Ducati Corse shield on the dial.

See them at www.ducati.com. And throw away your cell phone.


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