Hornet 600 restyled


A Honda Hornet 600 for 2009 was shown at the Milan motorcycle show this week.

Built in Italy, the Hornet is a general purpose middleweight that for ’09 sports new instruments and lights, and a restyled fuel tank. Suspension is adjustable front and rear, and a combined ABS system is available as an option.

The Hornet 600 has been a popular model in Europe for years, but is not currently sold in Canada.


  1. I am looking for a new middle weight standard bike for next season, I would prefer a Honda and this one or the European CBF 600 would be perfect. However with the Honda range of standard bikes in Canada so limited I guess it will be a Suzuki, Kawasaki or Yamaha. My reasons for a middle weight bike are to keep insurance costs reasonable, come on Honda, if you want to stay in the motorcycle buisness bring in a decent range of bikes for all and please don’t limit them to the uncareing power house dealers.

  2. I second that; Honda Canada, please bring this bike to the Canadian market. I need a new bike for the 2009 riding season and want a naked bike. I heard some horror stories about the 696 and 695 (other choice) maintenance costs and would prefer to stay with a Japanese bike.

  3. Please, please come to Canada! My choices for Honda are the weak cbr 125 or the too expensive for insurance and purchase cbr600. Wake up Honda! I am already sold on this bike. This has to be the year it comes here!

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