BMW Lo-Rider at show


U-Design-It Lo Rider

BMW revealed an odd-looking, customizable concept bike at the Milan show that they’re calling the Lo Rider.

The bike would be powered by the 1200 cc Boxer twin and would mate USD forks, wave discs, spoked wheels, and a bunch of customer-selectable features for a look that hasn’t been seen in the BMW line-up before.

The customer can essentially design the bike in the showroom, choosing from such options as high or low exhaust, single or dual seat, classic or streetfighter headlight, and a number of paint and fuel tank styles, among other options.

The company apparently wants to assess the reaction to the bike before they decide to go ahead with it, but they’re serious about the bike, and word is, they could be close to production if the response is good.


  1. War isn’t something to make dumbass remarks about…especially in November. Grow up. As for the bike, I commend BMW on the concept of a customer optioned . I get tired of having limited choice in bike colours let alone seat type etc.

  2. Hmhh, I think I might be the only one that quite likes it. Get rid of the horrible headlight and put in a nice big conventionally-styled round one and I think they’ve got something that might actually sell.

  3. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. A futuristic scrambler/bobber cross with a single sided swing-arm?

    Who is their target demographic? I highly doubt this demographic can afford what I would imagine this to cost.

    I am so confused.

  4. ja, das ist rechtig die Deutschen ist losing it, but another war would only make them worse. BMW is slowly spinning out of control, old fart sales are going to their head. But old fart sales are about to decline. New customers aren’t lining up for this kind of crap, not at these prices. Dull Japan, you have nothing to fear – except maybe Taiwan. KTM’s a different story, now that’s good shit, pricey but worth it – and more importantly, if you buy one you won’t be the stodgiest rider riding the ugliest bikes made.

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