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GPR-S: 100 km on a single charge

Electric Motorsport has produced a battery powered motorcycle that looks like a light sport bike and has a range of up to 100 km.

The Oakland, California, company, founded in 2001, has shown pictures of a GPR-S electric bike that weighs 285 lb (129 kg), runs on about 19 hp and hits 100 km/h or more, and recharges in four hours (or 90 minutes with an optional speed charger).

The 14.2 kilowatt electric drive system is fueled by a lithium battery pack and the bike is said to "briskly accelerate."

The bike wears dual rear shocks with remote reservoirs, USD forks, and a 290 mm disc brake up front. It’s available in metallic shades of red, blue, burgandy (sic), white, black, and silver.


KillaCycle ready to run

The company hopes to produce 300 of them this year, and MSRP will be $8,000 in Oakland. See more at www.electricmotorsport.com

And in a related story that reminds us of "Tool Time Tim," the owners of the KillaCycle allowed a mechanic to adjust its electric motors to take more rpm, current, and voltage from its battery pack than anyone on the race team had thought possible … and then set a record with a 7.89 second, 168 mph quarter mile pass in Colorado last Thursday. See the action at www.killacycle.com (and turn up the volume on your computer’s speakers).


  1. I wonder how much ones hydro bill would increase when charging this thing all month. My guess is the fuel saved would more than make up for it.

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