Burgman concept


Burgman goes all GSX-R on us.

Surely one of the wildest pieces of kit to appear recently is the Burgman 400 Sport Concept, a Burgman scooter that looks as though its mother had a visit from the GSX-R gene pool on the way to market.

A prototype was displayed at the 2009 Suzuki U.S. trade show to the sounds of dealers’ jaws hitting the floor before recovering and pleading for Suzuki to build the thing.

It’s not just a cosmetic makeover, either. The wild GSX-R-inspired paint scheme covers up firmer, lowered suspension, higher-grade brakes and tires, and as you can see from the photo, wave brake rotors (at least up front). A lower screen, smaller front fender, and revised seats are also part of the package.

This’d be the perfect mount for the next Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, no?


  1. There’s other pictures floating around that show buttons on the left handlebar hinting at a sophisticated manual shift auto transmission like the Burgman 650.

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