Blackfoot sues Honda Canada

blackfoot_logo.jpgBlackfoot Motorcycle Ltd. – one of Canada’s biggest powersport dealers and a Honda dealer since 1970 – has launched a $1.5 million lawsuit against Honda Canada.

Blackfoot is claiming (among other things) that it was arm-twisted into taking on a ton of non-current inventory in 2007 with the proviso that their Honda franchise would be maintained — which it wasn’t.

A Honda release stated, in part, "Honda denies that Honda’s strategy included treating Blackfoot any differently than any other Honda dealers."


  1. There is something wrong with Honda’s philosophy in Canada, maybe we just aren’t a big enough market and they don’t care, economics seem to rule as usual. I’m not a Harley fan however they treat you like a human being when you walk into their dealerships while the feeling you get from most Honda Dealers is similar to the feeling you get from Airport Security Screeners.

  2. Having been a Honda dealer for many years in the past , I can assure you Honda does not give a lick about the consumer. Numbers and cars mean the most to Honda . The bright side is if Blackfoot wins , that will set a precident for all the other dealers that have recently recieved their cancellation letter from Honda.

  3. I am not impressed ho Honda treats its dealers who helped the company succeed…My family has had Honda products since 1962 (Cub) and I have 7 Honda vintage bikes, a snowblower, lawn mower and 2 cars. Over the years we have bought new maybe 30 products so I know how important the dealers have been. As for the ‘Powerhouse Dealer’ concept, I think we should all be offended…I want to deal with a motorcycle shop, not a conglomeration including cars. Honda Canada are you listeneing?

  4. A big hurrah to Blackfoot Cycle for having the courage to stand up to big, bad bully Honda. What does it say about the value in being a franchised Honda dealer if, in this case after 38 years as a dealer in good standing, Honda can yank Blackfoot’s franchise with impunity? Sounds like something BMW would do…?
    I believe that both provincial and federal watchdogs still have “Restriction of Trade Practises” regulations that are intended to govern such behavior? Maybe Blackfoot should have a look in that direction.

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