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Rear suspension collapse?

TRIUMPH Recall (#2008336)

Models Involved : 2008 TRIUMPH SPRINT ST

Vehicles: 41

Problem: On certain motorcycles, the head of a bolt used in 3 positions on the rear suspension drag link assembly may detach causing the drag link assembly to come apart resulting in a loss of rear suspension. This situation could lead to loss of control and possible injuries or death.

Correction: Dealers will repair affected motorcycles.

YAMAHA Recall (#2008345)


Don’t look back!

Models Involved : 2007 YAMAHA MT01WB, R, W . 2008 YAMAHA MT01XB, S

Vehicles: 110

Problem: On certain motorcycles, there is a possibility that the rear view mirror’s adjustment ball section may crack due to riding vibration. Should these cracks become severe, the rear view mirror heads could come off while riding which could result in a reduction of rear view vision which could lead to an accident causing personal injuries or death.

Correction: Dealers will replaced affected mirrors with an improved version.

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