Honda announces new 09s – update

Honda announced some of their 2009 new models at the end of last week. We’ve heard from Honda Canada and have added some additional Canadian information – shown in bold (though there’s still more to come).



Radical transmission calls for radical styling …

First shown as a concept bike at the 2007 Tokyo show, the DN-01 blurs the line between scooter and motorcycle with a motorcycle chassis, a 680cc liquid-cooled V-twin (with a claimed 61 hp), but with an automatic transmission.

The transmission is a Constant Variable type as found on most scooters, but unlike the scooter system which uses belts and pulleys, the DN-01 coverts power into hydraulic pressure, which it uses to alter gearing. This can be used in two modes – automatic or a six-speed manual, which uses 6 pre-selected ratios to offer the same effect as a standard motorcycle gearbox.


Twin 296 mm discs up front use a pair of 3-piston calipers, which are linked to the rear using Honda’s combined brakes technology and ABS makes sure that you won’t mess it all up with a ham-fisted grab.

Suspension is pretty standard with 41 mm conventional forks and a standard shock working on a single sided swingarm at the rear that also hosts the shaft drive. 17 inch wheels use sportbike radial tires.

Seat height is a relatively low 691 mm (27.2") and the claimed curb weight is 270 kg (595 lbs). The DN-01 is available in red or black in the US, but will only be available in black in Canada. It will be available in limited numbers (at Honda Powerhouse dealers only) sometime in the spring of 2009. MSRP has not been set, but will be by the end of October.



CRF230L goes supermoto

It seems like everyone is putting a 250 supermoto into their range these days, and Honda join in with a supermoto version of their CRF230L dual sport machine, which was new in 2007.

Of course, the CR250M comes with 17 inch wheels and sporty tires but the rest is relatively low tech when compared to the new Yamaha WR250X and Kawasaki 250 KLX250SF.

Conventional forks are used instead of USDs, braking is supplied by a relatively small 240 mm disc up front, and the 232 cc motor is air-cooled, with SOHC, two valves and fed by a carb, but then this should be reflected in the price.

Seat height is a relatively low (for this type of machine) 805 mm (31.9"). It looks like the CRF230M will be coming to Canada but details cannot be confirmed until mid-November.



No more stoppies?

CBR1000RR/CBR600RR – come with electronically controlled combined braking with ABS although we’re not sure if this is optional or not. We do now – the ABS will be standard on the CBR1000RR but the CBR600RR will be available with or without it. MSRPs for the ABS versions have yet to announced (again, expect them by the end of October), but the non-ABS 600 is $12,499.00.

Goldwing 1800 – Gets a tire pressure monitor for 2009 that flashes when
they drop by 10% and stays on when either tire posses 20% or more.
There’s also XM radio with GPS fitted models although that comes with
the requirement of a monthly subscription fee. No XM radio for Canada, but the tire pressure monitor will be standard on both GL1800 models.

Honda Canada also told us that there will be additional 2009 new model releases in November, but no details on what they might be. V5 Blackbird …?






  1. Not to beat a dead horse but how about adjusting prices to be more inline with the US? Over 6K difference on a Gold Wing… 4K on an St1300. That’s crazy! Does that mean that the DN-01 will sell for 18k? Not that I would want one anyways.

  2. The Honda DN-01 appears to have several issues that would be a problem for dedicated SilverWing and Burgman megascooter riders: PRICE, no storage, more weight with only a small increase in power, small fuel capacity, and a fairing that looks designed to keep the wind off of your beltbuckle.

  3. I think the DN-01 is rather interesting and cool looking. Not necessarily the sort of thing I’m personally interested in, but some may find it intriguing. But what do I know? Cruisers for the most part just bore me, anyway.

  4. Apparently Honda wants to show Victory how to build an ugly motorcycle type thingy. You think that Vision is ugly… well take this.

  5. I wonder what the fuel mileage is for the DN-01? At almost 600lb and a hydraulic drive, it can’t be great. Interesting machine though.

  6. I’m not sure where the ‘blurring’ between scooter and motorcycle is. It’s an automatic motorcycle just as the Aprilia Mana 850 is. If you want blurring take a look at the Gilera GP 800. Same frame mounted engine and drive train as the Mana 850 with a belt final drive in a (rather high) step through chassis. I think even the Burgmaan 650 blurs the lines more an the DN-01 does.


  7. The Suzuki DN-01 reminds me a great deal of the Suzuki G-Strider concept vehicle from some years ago. To my mind, it’s the way that cruisers should have gone decades ago, had they not been mired in The Motor Company’s backward styling.

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