New land speed record

landspeed_readytogo.jpgReady to go.

Rocky Robinson (who wrote a
book about his Bonneville adventures and an agonzing near-miss at the
world two-wheel record (Flat Out) when Chris Carr took his new
record away, has struck back, going 360.913 mph (577.4 km/h) on a two-way
average run. 

The team ran into various mechanical
problems (so what else is new at Bonneville), including some aero difficulties
that required removing some bodywork, then during the actual record
runs the canopy popped open. Here’s what Robinson had to say about that
little bit of excitement:

“With the doors removed the bike ran very
stable and I was able to pin the throttle and race flat out for the
first time since 2006. The end result was a one way pass with a top
speed somewhere around 361 mph! The hairy part was as I entered the
measured mile; at peak speed the right side of the canopy popped open 
…  Imagine rolling down your window at 60 and then multiplying
the effect 6 times greater. Wow. I rolled out of the throttle, which
unfortunately minimized our fastest speed. Still, it was the fastest
run recorded on two wheels …


The turnaround went without
a hitch. Mike instructed me to run the bike all the way to the 0 marker
right beside Hwy 80. I did just that and we prepped the bike for the
turnaround with time to spare. I told Mike about the canopy. He was
surprised that there was enough negative pressure created at that speed
to pull the canopy from its perch, but assured me it couldn’t come off
and that it may open again, but try not to worry about it …

The return run was a lot of
fun. Got to take off and race between the pits with crews and onlookers
lining the course on either side at the start. Speeds were about the
same. Entering the mile the ride side of the canopy popped open again.
This time (because of the turnaround) there was water and salt inside
the cockpit that swirled in the air and also sprayed against the windshield.
Again top speed was compromised slightly, but it was plenty fast enough
to beat the current record held by Carr in the Bub streamliner.” 

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