Latest Recalls


Blast could get too excited.

Company: Buell

Models involved: 07/08 Blast

Problem: Under high heat conditions the fuel tank may deform and rub against the cylinder head of the engine.

Consequence: If the tank gets too much head rubbing it’ll come to leak all over the head. Come on baby light my fire … which would be bad for the rider.

Fix: Dealers will fit a bracket that keeps the tank away from the head.

Recall Number: 2008318  



Vision may have lose nuts.

Company: Victory 

Models involved: 2008 Vision Street and Vision Tour

Problem: On certain motorcycles the main 40 amp circuit breaker didn’t get its nuts tightened enough.

Consequence: Lose nuts could result in poor connections and result in misfiring or even engine death as well as failure of other electrical components. All these things could lead to a crash, injury, death.

Fix: Dealers will check the nut torque and tweak as required. They’ll also download new programming into the ECM just in case.

Recall Number:


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