Lighter ZX-6R shown


2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R

A 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R with less weight, better power, and refined bodywork was shown to dealers in Texas on the weekend.

The revised 600 carries 22 lb (10 kg) less weight, has more low and midrange power, and improved front-end response.

Bore and stroke remain the same at 67 mm by 42.5 mm, but "double bore" velocity stacks, with one stack placed inside another, are claimed to improve intake flow, and efficiency of combustion is said to be better.

A two-piece aluminum subframe lowers the seat height by about 10 mm, and handlebars are placed closer to the rider and turned in slightly. A new exhaust system and short side muffler help remove weight. A revised ram-air casting, which now supports gauges and mirrors, also helps trim mass.

A 41 mm Showa "Big Piston Front" fork should reduce turn-in effort and improve front-end feel, and changes to rake and trail (24 degrees and four inches, down from 25 degrees and 4.3 inches) offer lighter and quicker steering according to the company. The ZX-10’s Ohlins steering damper is now installed on the 6R. The slipper clutch remains. Fairing and front fender have been revised, and the instrument cluster resembles the ZX-10R’s gauges.

No word yet on Canadian availability or pricing, but those Texas dealers won’t likely be able to keep it to themselves, so we hope to have more for you shortly.

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