Stunters at Toronto show


Jason Britton and fan

Motorcycle stunt star Jason Britton and teenage stunt riders Cody and Kyle Ives will appear at the Toronto Motorcycle Show in December.

The MMIC-sponsored show, which kicks off the show season for the 2009 model year, will be held Dec. 12 – 14 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Show manager Darryl Bond said, "We are going extreme this year. We will feature the Extreme Globe stunt show, featuring Cody and Kyle Ives. We are also excited to have the amazing stunt motorcyclist Jason Britton, who will be available to talk to fans and sign autographs. Fans, riders and families have more things to see, hear and sit on at the show this year."

The Ives youngsters will ride in the Extreme Globe steel cage three times a day, and Jason Britton, who is host of the Speed TV show "SuperBikes," will be available to talk to visitors at the Parts Canada booth.

Of more importance to most, perhaps, the major manufacturers will also be there, with the new bikes on prominent display. Other attractions will include the Yamaha Riding School for Kids and a Bikes and Birds display with live birds of prey (no, not your mother-in-law) including falcons, eagles, and the like.


  1. The last time I attended the January Flea market they had a POS chopper is a glass case with 2 rattle snakes….It was called… get this….”The Snake Bike”. I wonder if they’ll have this at the December show…..Oh Pleeeeeease say they will!!!!!

  2. Stunt riders [b]AND[/b] birds of prey…WOW!…..Starting to sound like the show at the International Centre. All they have to do now is add the flea market set up selling picture frames and tube socks and other non motorcycle crap and they’ll be there. Another one bites the dust!

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