Bar survives salt flats rollover


"Just put some pepper on it and we’ll eat it."

Toronto Supershow producer Bar Hodgson dodged serious injury or worse at the Bonneville Salt Flats on August 21 when the Team Arrow streamliner he was piloting got caught in a gust of wind, went off-course, and did a series of barrel-rolls at 185 mph (300 km/h).

Hodgson was trying to break the 500 cc world speed record.

A section of the bodywork was torn off, leaving him open to the elements, but when the bouncing stopped the 70-year-old tough guy got out on his own and was waiting for the rescue crews to approach. Banged-up knees and several breaks to his left hand comprised the damage, and a few days later he was visiting a vintage concours event in Colorado with his Vincent Rapide.

He’s home now, and I spoke with him recently. "The hand is fine. It’s in a light cast and I got some X-rays today. We’ll see how it goes. The knees are okay, too. As long as I don’t bang into anything I’m fine!"

Future plans? "Well, Bob (Williams, owner of Team Arrow Racing, who built the streamliner) has been rebuilding the bike down there and has another rider from South Africa who’s keen to have a go at the BUB events happening next week. After being there for my try, I can see how it grabs you … the people there are just single-minded in their dedication."

He added, "Hey, I met a couple down there, a man and a woman. They both had Hayabusas, his was turbo’d, hers had nitrous … she was 70, he was 80. I have lots of time yet!"


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