Bad day for bikers


To serve and, uh … what was that again?

Crashing a motorcycle will usually ruin a rider’s day, but in some cases things go from bad to worse. Recently, thieves stole a motorcycle while its 26-year-old rider lay nearby, seriously injured by a crash in Hagersville, south of Toronto, according to reports.

A sport utility vehicle with a number of occupants pulled over, one man jumped out, and got onto the motorcycle and rode it away.

Police are looking for the thief and hoping someone will call with information on the SUV or the motorcycle thief.

In another case, a rider from Lac La Biche, Alberta, has filed a $1-million lawsuit against RCMP. According to the Edmonton Sun, David St. Jean says in an August 18 statement of claim that an officer kicked him in the head while he was trying to get help for an injured friend.

St. Jean alleges that he went for a ride as a passenger on a friend’s motorcycle, which crashed. He was not injured, but the driver was, and as St. Jean approached police for help, he was told to "get on the ground."

He says he sat down, but then one officer shone a flashlight in his eyes and another kicked him in the head, saying, "I told you to lay on the ground."

St. Jean says he suffered a fractured skull and was not provided with medical help until the fire department arrived. He was taken to hospital by ambulance. A doctor later told him the bones on the right side of his face were crushed. He has permanently lost the use of his right eye.

The lawsuit is filed against the attorney general of Canada and several RCMP officers.

The Edmonton Sun column ends with the note: "Statements of claim contain unproven allegations."


  1. so Is anyone really surprised at such alleged treatment from the Alberta RCMP
    please raise your hand
    Yes you at the back?
    Washrooms are out the dorr and to the right
    No one else?
    Thought not

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