A long way across


Prince William is apparently already a skilled rider.

The royal lads, Harry and William, will be crossing Africa on
motorbikes to raise money for a charity that helps orphans and people
with AIDS and HIV.

Harry came up with the idea, which  loosely copies what actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman did in the televised "Long Way Down."

Brother William is no stranger to motorcycles, as the CBR1100XX Blackbird in his garage estate will attest, and he is an experienced off-roader. It’s not known what type of motorcycle they’ll use for their 1,600 km African adventure.

The ride will be almost entirely off-road, and temperatures up to 40C, bandits, bad drivers, and lions and tigers and bears [? – Ed] will be among the obstacles they must either endure, or go around.

The brothers will likely have more company than adventurers Boorman and McGregor did, as some army friends are said to be planning to join them. Helicopter gunship, anyone?

Money collected will go to the charitable organization Sentebale, which operates in Lesotho and helps orphans and people with HIV and AIDS. 


  1. Sometimes I wonder: if someone like a royal does a trip like this, do they spend more money on the entourage (ie, the trip) than the royal raises (for the charity)?

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