$12,000 ticket to ride


Not quite this CBR1000RR

An Alberta Honda rider was fined $12,000 in an Edson, Alberta, traffic court recently for speeding at twice-plus. The 34-year-old rider was nabbed on May 1 on the Yellowhead highway (16) between Edson and Hinton, Alberta, where the posted limit is only 110 kmh. He may not have had his reading glasses on, however, as he was caught doing 263 kmh on a 2005 CBR1000RR.

Police gave chase.

RCMP say the rider did not realize he was being chased until he pulled into town at Hinton, where he was pulled over. He was "completely cooperative," police said.

A deal with the Crown let him keep his licence, at a cost about equal to the value of a new motorcycle.

"I’ve never seen a fine like that before," said RCMP Sergeant Ron Lyons. "A fine of $1,000 is usually a lot."

Traffic court in Hinton issued an $8,500 fine to a B.C. man recently for going 206 kmh in a Chevrolet.

A new Crown prosecutor is apparently trying to bring home the message that speed is bad.


  1. If he is such a fast rider lets see how well he can ride on a race track. I bet that despite being able to go 263k/h on a public rode, Szuke will bit him on any Canadian race track on any given day.

  2. The bike may be capapble and the rider may even be capable but if the roads are like those in Ontario, he’d be dead for sure. And I’d be paying for the cleanup.

  3. I am utterly amazed at how much this disgusts me. $12,000 fine for going fast on a machine made for it. $1,000 would have been more than enough to drive home a message. If that same guy and been charged with break and enter and or other heiness crimes he would have got off with much less. This should be appealed and the judge’s record questioned to see if he is just as hard on real criminals.

  4. Ugh. I just got my third photo-radar ticket in the mail today and I live in Alberta. Over $500 in fines so far this summer. Must… slow… down. 🙂

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