New super-sport-tours … maybe


Yamaha FJR14?

We love the French not just for their wines and their women … and that song, of course. We love them for the rumours of new sport-touring superbikes from Yamaha and Suzuki.

According to French magazine Moto Revue, we might be about to see a brand new 1400 cc FJR that will be more powerful than Kawasaki’s Connie 1400, and will use a semi-automatic transmission.

But that’s not all, they also reckon that Suzuki are about to release a GSX1300T long-distance Hayabusa with hard bags, ABS, an adjustable screen, and the new darling of the techno-sport set, traction control.

The French have even used their computers to produce graphic examples of these new motorcycles. Is it rumour, or is it the future? Hey, at least it’s not MCN …

As we always do, we’ll tell you when/if the future actually gets here. But ask yourself this: Are the French ever wrong? We say non!


  1. MCN is the joke! It’s like the bikers version of “The Enquirer”, but instead of “I was beamed up by aliens” they produce weekly exclusives with the same level of substance. It’s nicknamed “The Comic” in the UK.

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