Boobs on Bikes draws thousands


Who doesn’t love a parade?

Boobs on Bikes was a ti … er, a hit, that is, as thousands turned out to witness New Zealand’s annual celebration of flesh and freedom in Wellington yesterday.

About 30 topless young women rode motorcycles, tanks (yes, tanks) or sat in the back of convertible cars with tops down for the parade (‘scuse the pun).

The crowd was described as "tens of thousands" in size, and "mostly male" in composition, while approximately 100 protesters walked in front of the parade, some carrying a banner that read "Pornography fuels sexual violence against women and children."

Others, however, said the parade is a demonstration of freedom of expression, with people climbing on top of phone booths and bus shelters along the parade route in order to protect the country’s freedom of expression … with the help of cellphones and digital cameras.

The parade has been an annual event for the past five years and has
been organized by a New Zealand promoter for his Erotica Lifestyles
Expo that occurs in the city at the same time.

course, CMG is disgusted by such acts of breast bobbling and would like
to remind those nipple baring hussies that a nice sturdy armoured
jacket and full face helmet is the proper way to ride.

We sincerely
hope that such lewdness doesn’t make it to a freedom loving country
such as Canada, especially not Montreal … just down the street from
where Editor ‘arris and his hairy palms reside.



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