No-wash shine product


A cleaning product that began as an automotive cleaning accessory is gaining acceptance among other users, its maker says, because it’s a water-based all purpose wax and polish that contains no petroleum distillates, alcohol, or ammonia.

The product, Cajun Shine All, contains waxes, polymers, anti-static moisture and dirt repellents, and UV blockers, they say.

It also can be used without first washing your bike.

A detailing kit comes with two cloths and a bottle of wax. One cloth is used to clean and apply wax, and the other it buff and shine.

"Because Cajun Shine All eliminates the need to wash and dry a vehicle before waxing, it saves 50-80 gallons of water per car wash."

The detailing kit sells for $17.95 U.S. See it and more at .

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