Crash study urged


U.S. urged to look into motorcycle crash causes

The U.S. Motorcycle Safety Foundation is calling for a planned motorcycle crash causation study to begin immediately.

This comes after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s "annual assessment" that shows a steady increase in motorcycle crashes in the U.S., and plenty of theories, but no solid accounting for why they’re happening.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation president Tim Buche said he hopes "this new field research" will "shed new light on the causes of crashes."

The motorcycle industry in the U.S. has given $2.8 million to the Oklahoma Transportation Center for the study, and the Motorcycle Industry Council has topped that up to the $3-million mark.
There’s a full article on this in the Wall Street Journal .


  1. This is actually assistant editor Steve Thornton’s bike, photographed in 1987 after the pickup truck shown turned left in front of it — and stopped in the middle of the lane. The bike slid the length of the truck and came to rest here. No serious injuries involved.

  2. Photo of a collision between an ’86 GSXR and a Datsun pickup – quite an effective photo commentary on how long since the Hurt report last looked at causes of Motorcycle crashes.

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