That's not a model, that's an obsession!


Don’t drop it on the carpet!

As the saying goes, there are two kinds of model builders: there are model builders, and then there’s this person.

The picture you’re looking at is not some piece of latest state of the art nano technology, but a chain link for a 1/12th scale model motorcycle.

Some people, it seems, will go to no end of labours to produce the exact modular copy of a motorcycle, and here we have a model builder who has re-created Valentino Rossi’s No. 46 Yamaha, in miniature, down to the smallest link, literally.

The series of photos follow the arrival of the basic Tamiya kit (which is where it would end for most of us) but then we see the arrival of "Grade Up" parts which make the original kit more authentic. These include actual metal bits (discs, a working chain – which has to be assembled from its component parts, etc), working forks, and even faux carbon fibre sheets! 


The finished product!

He (or she, if the youngster leading off the series of photos is the builder) is probably not the only one to do this, as you can apparently buy the parts for this kind of nightmarish project off the shelf, it’s just fascinating to see what some people will do with their spare time and then the shit that they come up with at the end.

Definitely worth a look, but beware, it’s a lot of downloading of photos. See you back here at CMG after the weekend …







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