DH Companion Maps

dh_norcal_map.jpgIf you’ve ridden the western side of North America in the last few years, then you may well have planned your trip with one of the excellent and comprehensive Destination Highways series of road guide books. However, you may also have realized that maybe there’s a tad more information in the book than can be easily absorbed when on the road.

Fear thee not, as the thoughtful souls at DH have opted to publish a series of ‘Companion Maps’ to go with their series of books. The first map to be published is Northern California and is 100% synthetic, waterproof and rip-proof. It’s also double sided so that you get a more detailed scale then most road maps out there offer.

The map highlights all the ‘DH’ roads listed in the guidebook, as well as the ‘worth checking out’ TE side-roads that can be handy for connecting the DH routes together. However, services, dealerships and accommodations are not shown — which is why it’s called a companion map, as it is meant to be used in conjunction with the book, which gives the more detailed info.

The NorCal companion map costs $29.95 (US or CAN), or $79.95 for the map and NorCal Destination Highways book (saving you $10) and can be ordered directly from destinationhighways.com


  1. I used the BC D/H Book on my trip, and thought it was fantastic. I lend it to all my friends who are road tripping in southern BC. I highly recommend it, as at the very least, it’s an excellent day dreaming aid 🙂

  2. I just completed a week in West Virginia. I rely on the website http://www.motorcycleroads.us to help me track routes. This web site allows you to log on to any State where local routes are listed. They are listed according to scenic, twisty, etc. Each route is shown on a map with the mileage recorded. Rider comments are also listed but are subjective. I have the benefit of a small 9″ laptop to take with me so every night I could plot my direction for the following morning. Give it a look.

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