Former Indian boss charged


He ran the "other great American motorcycle company" for a time, but now he’s been arrested, accused of trying to smuggle a Harley.

Former Indian Motorcycle Company boss Rey Sotelo was arrested by state and federal U.S. police on June 15 on suspicion of racketeering, conspiracy to traffic in stolen parts, being a loan shark, and doing business with outlaw motorcycle gangs.


Rey Sotelo

He and 10 others were arrested on suspicion of trying to ship a stolen Harley-Davidson from a California chop shop to a Swedish motorcycle gang leader.

Sotelo was Indian’s top man six years ago but left the job for better things, apparently.

He paid about $100,000 Cdn for bail and said the U.S. police arrested him to make their case more interesting. He could get five years in jail and a quarter-million dollars in fines if U.S. police make their case interesting enough.


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