Ten-year-old on track


After watching this video, you’ll believe the world is safe in the hands of the next generation.

Ten-year-old Peter Lenz (he’s 11 now) humbles a group of adults during a California Superbike School track session at the Streets of Willow Springs.

Peter rides a 22 hp Honda RSF150R, followed by a track instructor who, at times, seems barely able to stay with him.

Try not to be distracted by the music, and remember: you were this age, once.


  1. Wow, Wish I had the talent that kid has, would of been able to run the ‘ol TL the way it was suppose to be rode, instead of sport touring it.

  2. Kid’s got nice lines and good cornering speed.

    HUGE pet peeve time – “See Will loose traction.” Aaaarrrggghhh.
    Will can get the rear wheel “loose.”
    He can get the front “loose.”
    The chassis can feel “loose.”
    As for traction, he can “LOSE” it. Not “loose” it.


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