Hold on, I'm coming

sm_tankgrip.jpg From their website: "… riding on the back of a sports bike sometimes doesn’t feel as safe as it should. TankGrip was invented with your (sic) in mind!"

The TankGrip is "two ergonomically designed handles" that "fit lit a vice to your gas tank." Your passengers will feel as secure as if they were home in bed.

Made in Belgium of polyester or carbon fibre, the TankGrip is formed specifically to fit the gas tanks of various models of sport bikes, according to the company’s press release.

Want one specially fitted to your sports bike? Send a note to info@tankgrip.be. Or see more pictures at www.wankgrip … er, that’s tankgrip.be.


  1. Let me just see if I have this straight…

    They want me to pay to ugly up my bike and eliminate women from holding on to me from behind and pressing their breasts into me.

    I don’t see the logic in this one. Sorry.

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