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Riding for Marriage

A motorcycling couple from the Vancouver area are travelling across the country on a mission — to promote marriage.

Naturally, Digby and Guillermina Bentzen are heading to Niagara Falls, the place where the wedding was invented. They’re travelling by Honda VTX, trailer equipped. Emblazoned on the trailer is the central theme of their country-crossing ride: "We believe in marriage."

The Bentzens are part of a Catholic organization called Marriage Encounter, which promotes sound and lasting marriages.

But it’s not in Canada where marriage is on shaky grounds, it’s in the U.S., and that’s where the Bentzens will be riding, travelling eastward through the northern, almost-Canadian states with their message and their trailer full of pamphlets for the unmarriage masses.

The Bentzens are also preaching something that we at CMG feel is worth repeating: Stay awake on the road!


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